The secret to captivating any audience

The secret to captivating any audience

I’ve spoken with many people who want to start an online course or membership site…

BUT they have a million excuses about why they can’t so they never actually start.

By far, the number one excuse I hear is that “I’m not an expert on [fill in the blank]” or “There are people much more knowledgeable about the topic.”

What most people fail to realize is that just because you may not be #1 when it comes to knowing everything about a subject, most of the time the people who are #1 are not the ones creating content, courses, or offering coaching.

And since they’re not offering that content, the market is being underserved.

Think of it this way. Since there is a Harvard professor teaching economics, does that mean all other professors teaching economics should just quit since someone “more studied” than them exists?

Of course not!

You also have to realize there is a difference between book knowledge and practical wisdom gained from experience.

Many times the courses created by people who aren’t “educated” about a topic are actually more actionable because it’s practical advice from someone who has “been there, done that.”

Here’s a clip from our Memberships and Courses podcast where our guest, John Childers, explains exactly that…

So here’s the bottom line, YOU have something valuable to share. Someone out there is waiting and ready to BENEFIT from your content.

If you haven’t started a membership site yet (Get Started with WishList Member), once you get that first testimonial about how your course/membership changed their life – you’ll be hooked on providing more and more value each day.

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