The #1 Difference Between People Who Succeed and Those Who Don’t

the secret to success with courses


The number one difference between those people who succeed in creating courses and those who don’t is speed.

We heard this during a podcast interview we did with Armand Morin this past week which you can listen to here or on all major podcast apps…
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What Armand was telling us is that most people already have the knowledge needed to teach and record their course. They don’t need to learn the subject.

The problem most people face is they get stuck in the planning phase forever. Or worse, they don’t get started at all.

After 6 months or a year of planning, most people will have lost interest in the idea of creating the course and so it never happens. Where if you just sat down one weekend and recorded the entire course, you’d have it ready to sell.

It may not be perfect, but you can now start getting traction and members which will motivate you to continue to improve things.

This really is just one of the gold nuggets that Armand shared with us on the latest podcast episode. If you haven’t already, I’d strongly recommend you give it a listen while you’re driving, working out, etc.

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