Feature: Membership Level Triggers and Actions

WishList Member Triggers and Actions

One new feature of WishList Member, we're really excited about around WishList HQ is the membership level triggers and actions (think Zapier). The big benefit of this new feature is automating some of the stickier parts of your membership workflow — saving you time and hassle.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on building your membership site using WordPress.

To find this new feature, you'll need at least TWO membership levels created in WishList Member. With that in check, you'll see a new tab in the Level edit screen:

membership level triggers and actions

Click the “Add Action” button:

membership level triggers and actions

This is what you'll see:

membership level triggers and actions

You start by selecting a “Trigger” — an event that happens in WishList Member that will kick off an “Action” (that you select). We'll use the “Added to this Level” trigger for our example.

Any time a new member is added to this membership level, this Trigger will fire and our Action will be performed.

What actions can you select?

Here's a look:

membership level triggers and actions

And, this is the full list:

  • Add to Level(s)
  • Move to Level(s)
  • Cancel from Level(s)
  • Remove from Level(s)
  • Add to Pay Per Post
  • Create a Pay Per Post
  • Remove Pay Per Post

So, how can you use this?

Here's a simple example…

Let's say you offer a free trial membership. Members can sign up for free, get access to a limited part of your membership and then are encouraged to upgrade to the full membership.

When they DO upgrade, you want them removed from your trial membership. With this new feature, here's what you'd do:

  1. Go into the settings for your full membership level
  2. Create a new action
  3. Select “Added to This Level” as the Trigger
  4. Select “Remove from Level(s)” as the Action
  5. Select your Trial level in the “Levels” dropdown
  6. And, set the schedule to “After 0 Days”

Your settings will look like this:

Click the “Add Action” button and you'll now see your action listed in the “Actions” table for this membership level:

And, that's it.

Now, any time one of your free trial members upgrades to a full membership, they'll automatically be removed from the trial level — creating a seamless user experience.

Which makes YOU look good.

And, will help with retaining members.

Which is how you GROW your membership over time.

But, that's a simple example.

Want to have your mind really blown?

Let's say you're a coach and want to use WishList Member to help manage your coaching clients. And, you want individual pages for each coaching client. Creating those pages manually can be a real pain. Well, with this new feature, you don't have to. Take a look at this:

membership level triggers and actions

That's right!

When a new member is added to your membership level, you can create a new WordPress post, that's protected using WishList Member's Pay Per Post feature so ONLY that member has access to it — AND you can automatically include their user information in the title of the post.

AND, you can copy the content for this new post from an existing post.

Meaning… you can create a “template” post for all your new coaching clients. Include relevant information, videos, links to parts of the program — whatever you want since it's a WordPress post.

Then, each new coaching client can get their own version of that template, customized with THEIR information, when they sign up for your coaching program. Giving them that individualized experience that's so important.

But, it all 100% automated for YOU!

Pretty sweet!

This feature also supports custom post types — if you want to separate your coaching client pages from your regular posts and pages:

membership level triggers and actions

Just make sure you enable “Content Protection” for that custom post type after you create it:

membership level triggers and actions

In any case, these are just a few examples of the things you can do with the membership level Triggers and Actions in WishList Member.

Just part of our continued commitment to innovate and lead the industry in bringing you the tools you need to more easily and effectively run your online business.


Tracy Childers
Founder, WishList Products

P.S. And, of course, if you haven't grabbed your copy of WishList Member, yet… why not get started, today? You can learn more about the plugin here: https://wishlistmember.com

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