WishList Member + Thrive Themes Integrations: Apprentice, Architect, Automator


The latest release of WishList Member includes some powerful integrations with the Thrive Themes suite of plugins.

One of the major reasons you’ll love using Thrive Themes is that everything was built with design and sales in mind. All of their templates, user interfaces, etc. are beautifully designed and the page templates included in Thrive Architect (you get over 300+ of them) are all expertly created to convert.

WishList Member currently offers direct integration with the following:
Thrive Apprentice
Thrive Architect
Thrive Automator

Thrive Apprentice + WishList Member Integration

WishList Member works out of the box with Thrive Apprentice. Thrive Apprentice is a learning management system (LMS) similar to CourseCure, LearnDash, and LifterLMS.

Thrive Apprentice will help you deliver your digital, online courses in a stylish way.

Thrive Apprentice Example

The integration with WishList Member means that you can set protection for specific courses within Thrive Apprentice that can only be viewed if a member has been granted access using levels in WishList Member.

In other words, you can use your WishList Member memberships to protect your courses. And automatically grant access!

You can read our full documentation about using the Thrive Apprentice integration here.

Thrive Architect + WishList Member Integration

As mentioned above, Thrive Architect is a powerful, marketing oriented page builder. It works similar to other page builders like Elementor, but where Elementor is more design focused, Thrive Architect focuses around speed and conversion ability.

By default, you’ll get a range of blocks/elements that will help you with conversions. Countdowns, trust badges, and delayed content reveal options to name a few.

Of course, it also features all of the regular elements you’ll need to build your pages.

Thrive Architect Elements

With all that being said, don’t think this is ONLY for building landing or sales pages.

Thrive Architect can be used across your entire membership site to build all of your necessary pages.

Conditionally Show and Hide Thrive Architect Elements with WishList Member

And it’s even better now that there is direct integration with WishList Member. This integration allows you to easily set protection and access for elements within Thrive Architect. Content can be set to only be viewable by specific membership levels. You can also set content to only be viewed by members who are not in a selected level.

Thrive Architect WishList Member Protection

Use Cases for the Thrive Architect + WishList Member Integration

To help you jumpstart using this integration to the fullest, here are some use cases. This list is NOT exhaustive at all…

  • Targeted Upgrade Offers: Show an upsell or upgrade offer only to those members who it applies to.
  • Deliver Bonus Content: Add bonus content to your courses or lessons that only shows for those who bought a membership that included it.
  • Teaser Content: Leave your page itself unprotected so people can see some of the content, but protect the rest of the content using this feature. Entices people to sign up.
  • Dynamic Members Dashboard: Show only the content/courses they have purchased on their member homepage.
  • Booking Link: Put a calendar booking embed inside a protected element so that only your top-tier members can schedule a call with you. Or sell individually.

These are just some ideas to get you thinking in the right direction about this.

Ultimately, you will come up with more ideas and ways to use this feature that is specific to your membership site and niche.

You can learn more by checking the full documentation here.

Thrive Automator + WishList Member Integration

Finally, you can now use WishList Member inside of Thrive Automator!

Thrive Automator is a ‘secret weapon’ you can use to do an unnumbered amount of things with. That’s not very descript and you’ll see some examples below to help clarify. Essentially, we’re talking about Zapier inside of WordPress.

Here’s some things you could automate:

  • Add a customer to your mailing list after they receive a certain membership
  • Create a new WordPress account with a WishList membership level when an incoming webhook is received (opens the door to all external systems)
  • Unlock more content for your members when they complete a course
  • Display bonus content after completing certain tasks or sections of content
  • Award points when someone comments on a lesson or forum…

The surface really isn’t even being scratched with these examples.

You can check out our full documentation here for Thrive Automator + WishList Member.

So, no matter what niche you’re in, using the Thrive Suite inside your membership site is like having an unfair advantage over everyone else not using these sales-optimized tools.

There you have it, we hope you love this latest integration between Thrive Themes and WishList Member.

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"We’ve tried a couple of other membership tools that were part of packages that we’d invested in. But nothing can compare to WishList Member. I know that there’s a lot of cool stuff out there that people have been building over the years. But when it comes to customization, if you use WordPress, you can’t touch this. Obviously, I’m super biased, but we’ve made millions of dollars because of this product."
Tristan Truscott
Satori Method
I have moved [WishList Member] into my top list of options for people. The new WishList Member packs a punch! And the price for WishList Member makes it a fantastic offer.
Chris Lema
WishList Member integrates with the tools I use TODAY. And they’re so eager to integrate with tools that are coming out. It’s amazing how they do it actually. If I was going to be buying a membership plugin, today… for me, I would go with WishList Member.
Adam Preiser