by Pabbly

Online Marketing & Sales Software

Pabbly offers multiple powerful software tools to help you run and manage your business online. The best thing about Pabbly is that you can get all of these in one single package. It can be used to create automation with other systems. Pabbly Connect uses triggers to initiate what they refer to as a Pabbly Connect Workflow.

Pabbly Connect & WishList Member Integration Features:

  • Setup automatic triggers when members are added, removed, canceled, and uncancelled from levels
  • Setup automatic actions such as:
  • Create membership levels
  • Add members to a level
  • Uncancel members from levels
  • Update membership levels
  • Cancel members from levels
  • Remove members from levels

Integrating WishList Member with Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect & WishList Member Actions

This integration is developed and maintained by WishList Member We will keep this integration updated to ensure it works as described and is protected against major security concerns.

All paid customers can contact the WishList Member Support team for:

  • Technical questions about the integrations built-in features and functionality
  • Support setting up and implementing the integration
  • Assistance with bugs and issues

Click here to submit a support ticket.