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Email and Automation Platform

Campaign Refinery is a boutique email service provider packed with tools to ensure high deliverability, engagement and conversions.

Their approach focuses on quality: honing your email lists to boost your reputation so your messaging lands in the right place, in front of the right people.

Send broadcasts immediately, create and deploy follow-up sequences with ease, and make the most of their audience tagging features for impactful campaigns that deliver on every level!

The Campaign Refinery and WishList Integration empowers you to enhance your member communications with targeted, personalized messaging based on member behavior.

Campaign Refinery and WishList Member Integration Features:

  • Add new members to your contact list
  • Automatically add or remove a Campaign Refinery tag to members when they sign up to a new level.
  • Automatically add or remove a tag from members when they cancel their membership or don’t renew their subscription
  • Automatically add or remove a tag from members when they renew their subscripion after cancellation
  • Use these tags to send targeted follow-up sequences to upsell and cross-sell your products and services
  • Use these tags to engage existing members with relevant content and reengage former members with targeted drip campaigns.

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This integration is developed and maintained by WishList Member. We will keep this integration updated to ensure it works as described and is protected against major security concerns.

All paid customers can contact the WishList Member Support team for:

  • Technical questions about the integrations built-in features and functionality
  • Support setting up and implementing the integration
  • Assistance with bugs and issues

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