PayPal Payments Pro

by PayPal Payments Pro

Ecommerce Payment Processing

PayPal Payments Pro is the leading innovator for payment providers. It gives you the flexibility and payment processing security that your business needs to build a professional-grade website.

WishList Member and PayPal Payments Pro’s integration can be configured in any way to suit your business needs.

PayPal Payments Pro and WishList Member Integration Features

  • Create new and edit existing products and tie them to a membership level
  • Automatically add members to their purchased membership level
  • Enable pay-per-post
  • Create one-time payments and recurring payments
  • Customize max failed payment attempts
  • Offer trial period

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This integration is developed and maintained by WishList Member We will keep this integration updated to ensure it works as described and is protected against major security concerns.

All paid customers can contact the WishList Member Support team for:

  • Technical questions about the integrations built-in features and functionality
  • Support setting up and implementing the integration
  • Assistance with bugs and issues

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