by PayKickstart

Subscription Billing & Affiliate Management

PayKickstart delivers a world of payment options for your business. This includes credit cards, digital wallets, bank debits, PayPal, and more. It’s easy to set up, and unlock more revenue streams for your business.

With PayKickstart and WishList Member’s integration, you can delight your customers with a seamless customer experience without the technical hurdles.

PayKickstart and WishList Member Integration Features

  • Simple and easy setup
  • Enable membership integration inside PayKickstart
  • Create new or update existing products and tie them into WishList Member membership levels
  • Automatically add new members to the corresponding membership level based on their purchase

Let Paykickstart handle your payments.

Paykickstart is the perfect choice for you!

This integration is developed and maintained by WishList Member We will keep this integration updated to ensure it works as described and is protected against major security concerns.

All paid customers can contact the WishList Member Support team for:

  • Technical questions about the integrations built-in features and functionality
  • Support setting up and implementing the integration
  • Assistance with bugs and issues

Click here to submit a support ticket.