RevitPros: An Architectural Membership Site in Hebrew Built with WishList Member

,In this case study, we look at RevitPros, an architectural membership site built with WishList Member that provides architectural software tutorials and template downloads.

One immediately noticeable aspect of the site is that it is in Hebrew, which is a Right-to-Left (RTL) language. This is common in the middle east areas.

WishList Member being built to comply with all WordPress standards supports translating every aspect of the site into another language. This includes support for RTL languages.

The site is owned and created by Shelly Agam. She was generous enough to give us a walkthrough of the entire site including some of the backend features. We close out the case study/interview by getting Shelly’s take on growing an online membership site business. We also get her advice for anyone starting one.

Apart from running RevitPros, Shelly is a digital nomad which you can learn more about here on her person site:

Why Shelly Chose WishList Member Over all the Other Options

Shelly explains in the case study that her audience speaks, reads, and writes in Hebrew. So whatever platform she decided to use needed to support that.

Unfortunately, it's not so easy to find a platform that supports RTL languages like Hebrew and Arabic.

After trying different platforms, she eventually settled down on WishList Member and WordPress since it offered the most flexibility and customizability.

Shelly is a designer by heart and wants to be able to design the entire customer experience. From every single color, font, heading, etc. she can customize all of that with WishList Member.

Chapter Markers Embedded in the Course Videos

Another important aspect Shelly wanted to make sure she could do is embed chapter markers inside of her course videos.

Oftentimes her videos are longer since they are software tutorials and she wants her students to be able to find what they need quickly even if it's in the middle of a video.

This is achieved using Camtasia's Smart Player. Although the same output can be achieved using more expensive systems like Vimeo or Wistia, Camtasia can export videos in a player for free (Camtasia is a paid program. You can export for free and use their Smart Player for free) that is hosted on Amazon S3 or your web hosting account.

For this to work, the site and plugins have to support custom HTML which many online course and membership platforms simply don't allow.

WishList Member is fully compatible with the system Shelly describes and can protect any content within WordPress.

Shelly's Advice for Anyone Starting a Membership Site

Listen to this fully at 29:30 in the video above.

Shelly advices that if you want to get involved in the membership site business you need to be focused on providing an extremely valuable, quality product.

Too many times, people are only motivated by money or the lifestyle of the online course business – and the quality of their product reflects it.

Videos are poorly made, content is hard to follow, and students rarely have success.

On the flip site, if you have a “professional” approach and take the time to craft a quality course, people will thank you for it and vote for you with their dollars.

How to Get Started with WishList Member

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