Take Back Your Temple: A Christian Weight Loss Program for Women built with WishList Member

In this case study, you'll get a behind the scenes look at Take Back Your Temple, a site built with WishList Member that provides videos, training, and a community geared around weight loss.

The site is owned and created by Kimberly Taylor who was generous enough to give us a walkthrough of the entire site including some of the backend details.

Take Back Your Temple was created after a weight loss transformation Kimberly had herself. She realized other women in her community and around the globe could benefit from the method she learned to change her mindset and lose weight.

Kimberly's site is built with WishList Member, BuddyBoss, Thrive Themes, and Thrive Apprentice for the LMS system.

If you want to learn more about Kimberly's program, visit her site here or you can also check out her book right here.

Why Kimberly Chose WishList Member Over all the Other Options

Kimberly explains (3:00 in the video) that she started out with MemberPress but ultimately wasn't satisfied and wanted to look into other membership systems that had more features and flexibility.

After looking and comparing all the options, she and her husband settled on WishList Member and haven't looked back.

Additionally, they also had a Facebook group from the start, but realized quickly that there were privacy concerns especially as the members and community they were building were sharing personal things related to their weight loss journey. That is ultimately why they decided to switch to a system they owned and controlled.

Free vs. Paid Lead Magnets: Kimberly's Experience You'll Want to Copy

24:00 in the video.

Kimberly shares how for a long time, her marketing method was to give out a ton of free material. This worked okay, but didn't yield the results she was perfectly satisfied with.

That's when she decided to actually charge for her eBook. And shockingly, the leads they were getting were better, more engaged, and had a higher customer lifetime value.

Just by charging a small, nominal price of $7.00 they were able to weed out leads who were not actually interested in changing themselves and wouldn't end up joining the membership.

You can copy this idea and split test a funnel that offers a free lead magnet vs one that charges a small price for the same lead magnet. I'm certain you'll be shocked at the results just like Kimberly was.

Kimberly's Advice for Anyone Starting a Membership Site

Listen to this fully at 31:30 in the video above.

Be willing to start where you are. You don't have to figure out EVERYTHING before starting.

Start with a “prototype” or MVP version of your membership site and get it out there before investing more time and money.

“Done is better than perfect.”

How to Get Started with WishList Member

If you liked what you saw in the video case study, you can have something similar by joining the WishList family today…

  1. Get WishList Member
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  3. Launch your site!
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Tristan Truscott
Satori Method
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Adam Preiser

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