Lifetime Investor: Helping Investors Improve Their Trading Skills for Life

The is an investors membership site that helps improve trading skills.

In this case study, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at, which was built by Michael with WishList Member.  

You’ll hear about the valuable lessons he’s learned in growing his membership site, about how narrowing his focus improved his success, and so much more.

Michael also shares straight-forward tips that you can begin implementing right away and software that will help your process flow. 

Michael’s site is built with WishList Member. He also uses SamCart, AWeber and Thrive Themes.

If you’d like to learn more about the options offers, visit his site today.

Why Michael Chose WishList Member Over all the Other Options

Michael started using WishList Member around 2016. He found that as long as you follow the instructions in setting it up that it was easy to use. Which was great for him, because the less tech support you need the better.

Michael did his due diligence and research. He found that we have a lot of features that he really likes. It’s easy to use and the punctuality is nice. Especially now that we have CourseCure.

He looked into it and really liked that you can do quizzes and it offers a more interactive platform. 

“It’s almost like you’re on Udemy or one of those other platforms. You can have people testing along the way.” 

While he was in the process of building everything out, he found that WishList Member was really easy to use and protected his data well.

Always research the products you’re thinking about using. 

This Cut Cancellations by 90%: Michael’s Experience You’ll Want to Copy

Michael had no background in creating a membership site, a course or marketing any of this. Plus, he had very little experience with websites. 

He came out of the music industry. So, this was completely new to him. 

It’s quite inspiring to see how he stuck with it and how well he’s done.

His course wasn’t quite completed and so he’s created a waiting list, which is really smart.

That way he’s attracting all of the potential customers as he’s building the course.

Once it’s done. Wham! 

He’ll be able to send out an announcement to everyone on that waiting list. Those folks are just ‘waiting’ to purchase.

For his new audience, he has a funnel that has a quiz, after they take the quiz it lets them know the course or the product that they should start with. 

Michael uses two integrations that we offer, Samcart and aWeber, and says that they really work well, especially if you want to use tags.

This is great for creating a full process campaign. They start in Samcart and then when they are added to aWeber it triggers another campaign that’s setup beforehand.

This is also helpful for when members cancel. It helps you know when and why they canceled.

When they cancel or unsubscribe they are automatically sent over to a quiz funnel that they can fill out anonymously. 

He’s learned over the years through this process that his audience wants daily emails sent out at the end of the day. 

Implementing this strategy helped cut his cancellations by a whopping 90%! 

This just goes to prove that knowing your market is really important.

Michael’s Advice for Anyone Starting a Membership Site

He got a little excited with getting all of his ideas going. 

Michael started a whole bunch of courses and he ended up creating all these courses for stocks, bonds, gold, silver, real estate, etc. 

That took him a long time to complete. He had to write everything out, record it and then produce the trainings.

In retrospect, he hadn’t thought about how to actually market his trainings and the various topics. 

Michael says that if you’re just starting a membership to take your time to do your research. He says that the book, ‘Ask’ by Ryan Leveck was really helpful to him. 

It’s important to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it before you start to build it. 

It's also good to find your little niche to focus on. Be sure to keep it non-hyped. Be real with your marketing and what information you give out. Above all, be yourself.

Test everything out before you go down the path… Then spend the time to look into what you’ll be using. 

Think about everything you’ll be using such as the page builder, membership plugin, shopping cart, and autoresponder and test your advertising. 

He decided it was a good idea to focus on one thing to get started and going well. Michaels main focus is stocks, which is his first love in the business world, while he helps members improve trading skills.

One thing Michael realized that was important and that he hadn’t done was testing the market. He hadn’t checked into if people even wanted everything he was originally offering

Always look for the consumer's demand first with what you’re thinking of putting out there. No matter the content or business type you should always do your due diligence. 

Market research is very important. Then you can produce the content. 

He started testing this with his friends and customers to make sure it was something that they would find valuable. 

Then he knew there was a demand for his audience and he built his content around that focus.

Bullet Points

  • Michael talks about how he overcame the problems that most course creators face when starting out, and some tips on how you can avoid these problems! (2:11)
  • Learn why it’s important to choose the right page builder for your membership site (4:42)
  • How to figure out what tools you need to make your membership site a success, and which tools will just make your life messy. (7:31)
  • Michael shares some valuable tips on how you can cut down 90% of your subscription cancellations while helping investors improve trading skills. (10:51)
  • You don’t have to be an expert – how Michael came from someone in the music industry to someone who created a successful recurring business with his membership site without background knowledge in marketing and membership funnels. (17:16)
  • The key to knowing what your audience likes, improve trading skills, and what makes them tick. (20:25)
  • Michael talks about the importance of testing and how it could make or break your business (29:45)
  • Learn about the magic power of setting up your membership Levels correctly, and the gigantic difference it makes for your sales funnel. (34:04)
  • Michael’s valuable advice to anyone starting a membership site that you won’t want to miss (44:13)

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