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Why Christina Chose WishList Member Over all the Other Options

In this Case Study, Christina Hills of Website Creation Workshop and Graphics Creation Workshop shares with us why she chose WishList Member in the first place, and why she stuck with it.

Christina chose WishList Member because of the flexibility; she can set up her website the best way she see fits, and WishList Member allows her to have the creative freedom she needs.

Christina's Advice for Anyone Starting a Membership Site

According to Christina, if you're going to start a course, only put what's appropriate in that course.

Refrain from giving out “extra” stuff. It's better to have a monetization model where your audience can “graduate” and buy the next thing.

Christina also shares a lot more helpful advice in the video.

How to Get Started with WishList Member

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"We’ve tried a couple of other membership tools that were part of packages that we’d invested in. But nothing can compare to WishList Member. I know that there’s a lot of cool stuff out there that people have been building over the years. But when it comes to customization, if you use WordPress, you can’t touch this. Obviously, I’m super biased, but we’ve made millions of dollars because of this product."
Tristan Truscott
Satori Method
I have moved [WishList Member] into my top list of options for people. The new WishList Member packs a punch! And the price for WishList Member makes it a fantastic offer.
Chris Lema
WishList Member integrates with the tools I use TODAY. And they’re so eager to integrate with tools that are coming out. It’s amazing how they do it actually. If I was going to be buying a membership plugin, today… for me, I would go with WishList Member.
Adam Preiser

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