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In this video you'll learn how to install WishList Member — a membership site plugin for WordPress. Membership sites are a great way to add recurring revenue to your online income mix and WishList Member is the premier plugin for turning your WordPress site in to a membership site.

In this video, we're going to go over how to install WishList Member. So, to get started, we will head over to the plugins area in WordPress and we'll just go ahead and select ‘Add New,' and this will take you and you'll see the list of different plugins here. And then we'll do ‘Upload Plugin.'

And then, you'll find the file wherever you have it downloaded on your computer, and you'll simply grab it and drag it to this “Choose File” button here, and that will go ahead and populate the location, and you can go ahead and hit ‘Install Now' and your WordPress site will upload WishList Member, it will unzip the file, it'll go ahead and install it and have it all ready to activate.

Now, one thing, while this is uploading, this is the recommended way, the way we recommend that you install WishList Member. You can certainly do it via FTP, if you're familiar with FTP and you prefer to do it that way. However, uploading a file at a time like that there is the possibility, there's more likely possibility of an individual file getting corrupted, and that can lead to issues.

So, if you upload the entire zip package all at once and then let the server sort of unzip it and so forth, it's a much more reliable way of doing it. So again, this is the recommended way that you install WishList Member. 

So, this is going to upload, I'll go ahead and pause this and then jump back on once it's finished uploading. Once WishList Member is uploaded, you might see a little screen that has a link that you can click to activate the plugin, or if not, you can always come in here to the plugins page and you'll see WishList Member in your list.

You can go ahead and hit activate, and that will go ahead and activate the plugin as well. All right, so now we can go ahead and click over here onto the WishList Member menu item here and inside of WordPress and the next thing that we'll need to do is we'll need to enter our license key.

So I already have this, I already have mine copied so I'll go and paste that in here. Now, you'll see this on the thank you page after you purchase WishList Member, you'll get an email with this, so just find your license key that you have for WishList Member and go ahead and enter it in here.

Go ahead and click ‘Activate License,' and that will get WishList Member all sort of set up and ready to go. So that is installing and activating WishList Member, of course in future videos we'll go through this here Dashboard page and all of the other different parts of WishList Member.

WishList Member™ is a full-featured membership site plugin for WordPress. Here’s a list of some the easy-to-use features you’ll find inside.

Unlimited Membership Levels

Unlimited Membership Levels

Create “Silver”, “Gold”, “Platinum” or any other levels you want! Charge more for higher levels of access – all within the same site.

Total Content Control

Total Content Control

Just click the “Hide” button to protect exclusive content for members of a particular level. Create “modular” memberships and hide content from other levels.


Beginner-Friendly. No Code

Quickly create your membership site without any coding or hassling with complicated settings. Use the Getting Started Wizard to get started in 5 minutes or less.

50+ Integrations

50+ Integrations

Integrate with all your favorite payment processors, email providers and third-party apps including PayPal, Stripe, Aweber, MailChimp, LearnDash, Zapier and more.

Fast & Friendly Support

Fast & Friendly Support

A dedicated support staff and development team waiting to help you every step of the way. A company that's been in business for 12+ years. Your in good hands.

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