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In this video you'll learn how to manage members inside WishList Member — a membership site plugin for WordPress. Membership sites are a great way to add recurring revenue to your online income mix and WishList Member is the premier plugin for turning your WordPress site in to a membership site.

Video Transcription

The very first thing is if you want to manually create a member, you can do that by clicking this plus button. You see it'll pop up a screen, and you can enter all the different information that you may need to enter for a member. First name, last name, email, et cetera. Select a membership level, all that sort of thing, and then simply select Add Member, and it will add that new member.

You can search for users. Of course, you can search by whatever terms you want. Then you can also filter your search to people who are members, people who are non-members, incomplete registrations. You can search by level, et cetera. Then you can also search by status.

Let's say I select Gold. Then I can select only the members that are active or inactive, canceled, expired, have something scheduled, unconfirmed, on down the list. You can really hone in on what it is that you want to search for.

I also have an advanced search. So if we click this up, you'll see even more here, so we can search again, by user, their name, email, et cetera. Transaction ID, that one can be very, very useful.

We can sort again by level or filter by level of status. We also filter by whether sequential upgrade is turned on or off. We can search in a specific type of range. We may want to search for a particular registration date range, so we can then select that type of date range.

Then what the date actually is, or maybe it was someone who has canceled in a particular time, or expired in a particular time. We can do that.

Then you can also save this search. Now, the nice thing about saving searches is when we talk about email broadcasts, you can send email broadcasts to Saved Searches.

You can do something cool like, come in and all the people that have been canceled and… Let's just get rid of that. All the people that have been canceled from the Gold level.

I can do a search for that. Then I can save that search, and then I can go into the email broadcast, and I can send an email to that specific group of people. That's a really neat thing when it comes to saved searches. If we click over here, then you'll see all the saved searches that you have.

That's the advanced search here. Here we're going to see… There's a few things going on here. Actually, let's come over here and look at this. We have two different views that you can use here.

You have the collapsed table view, and the expanded table view. When you click on one or the other, then that will change the view. The collapsed table view is just going to streamline and get rid of, and you're not going to see near as much information.

So for example, let's just add this one to a level here and let's hit Add to Level. When we're in the compact view, we're going to see a lot less information. Whereas, if we go to the open view here, or the expanded view then we're going to see more information. The levels will be listed down here like this.

You're going to see the date registered, and if they have multiple levels, you're going to see them all. Whereas, in the collapsed view you're going to see more of a streamline list. Those are the two different views. 

When it comes to managing the members, or doing different things with the members, if we click on here, this actually instead taking you to the WordPress profile and so forth, will bring up this pop-up where we can now come in, and edit virtually everything about this particular member. All of their actual member info, first name, last name, username, role, all those sorts of things.

Come into the address so we can edit their address information. Levels, we can add levels. We can delete them from levels. We can change transaction IDs, registration dates, all of that.

Pay Per Posts. We can add them to Pay Per Posts if we want to add a post to them. Let's just do, I think I called this post demo. We'll find that post and then we'll hit add Pay Per Post. Then that will add that Pay Per Post to them.

If we go into Advanced, you're going to see their feed URL, date registered, IP address, email. Right here, you can add them to the email blacklist, or to the IP blacklist. You can set a log-in limit specifically for this user.

Then in other fields, this is any information that you have set up in custom registration forms. You'll see that information here. You can really edit pretty much everything about a particular user. Pretty detailed edits pop up here.

Now, you can also… The last thing here is if we want to edit members in bulk, you can do that. Just select the ones that you want to edit, come in here and you can do all the things that you want to do in WishList Member Move.

You can move them to a level, add them to a level, remove them from levels. You can add a Pay Per Post, or remove a Pay Per Post. You can cancel or an uncancel, confirm and unconfirmed subscriptions, approve and unapprove, subscribe them to the email broadcast, unsubscribe from email broadcast, clear scheduled actions, and then delete them of course.

Let's talk quickly about this cleared schedule… or this scheduled action. Let's say I'm going to cancel these members. I want to cancel, let's just say our Gold level. When you do that, you can schedule the cancellation.

Let's say maybe I don't want to schedule them right away today. I want to schedule them for the 29th. Now when I do that, this is actually going to come in here and it will schedule that cancellation.

You'll see for this level, we now have this To Be Canceled. You'll see similar information like this in this expanded view. Let's go in here and remove this, if someone is canceled…

Let's go ahead and do the bulk action, and we will just go ahead and cancel them now from the Gold level. When we cancel them, now we're going to see when they were canceled or if they're expired, we're going to see when they expired, that sort of thing.

This is always going to give you a little bit more information. We're going to try to use smart icons here to help make it visually easy for you to understand what's going on with a particular user, or a particular member in a particular level, and scenario, and so forth.

You also will then… Over here, you'll see we have some quick buttons. Move Level. Here, you can uncancel from a level. Here you can remove from a level. Over here we also have the edit pencil which brings back up this edit.

So, if I click for example, uncancel from the level it knows that it's Gold because that's the one I clicked on, now they're uncancelled.

Those are the quick buttons here. Again, just to show you this, if we get rid of this, now we have a collapsed view of all of this.

There's a lot of stuff that you can do on this page when it comes to Managing Members. We've tried to make it very simple for you to be able to do things quickly if you need to, but also then not have it be this overwhelming, huge interface. That is the Manage Members section in WishList Member.

WishList Member™ is a full-featured membership site plugin for WordPress. Here’s a list of some the easy-to-use features you’ll find inside.

Unlimited Membership Levels

Unlimited Membership Levels

Create “Silver”, “Gold”, “Platinum” or any other levels you want! Charge more for higher levels of access – all within the same site.

Total Content Control

Total Content Control

Just click the “Hide” button to protect exclusive content for members of a particular level. Create “modular” memberships and hide content from other levels.


Beginner-Friendly. No Code

Quickly create your membership site without any coding or hassling with complicated settings. Use the Getting Started Wizard to get started in 5 minutes or less.

50+ Integrations

50+ Integrations

Integrate with all your favorite payment processors, email providers and third-party apps including PayPal, Stripe, Aweber, MailChimp, LearnDash, Zapier and more.

Fast & Friendly Support

Fast & Friendly Support

A dedicated support staff and development team waiting to help you every step of the way. A company that's been in business for 12+ years. Your in good hands.

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